About Our EMS and Fire Online Continuing Education Program

We were founded by Battalion Chief Jim Thomas, a full time, large city career firefighter. Since inception the CE that has been provided numbers well over five million hours. CSUtest.com has customers in all fifty states, services the United States Military and contractors keeping up licenses while deployed overseas, Puerto Rico, Guam the Bahamas and more. CSUtest.com online EMS continuing education is accredited by CAPCE. CSUtest.com also holds State approved CE approvals in Ohio ad Texas. CSUtest.com was designed to be simple and affordable in order to individuals, allow cities and townships without large budgets to participate in online EMS and Fire CE. It also affords other groups, large and small. that are already participating in online CE programs a more affordable alternative. The cost is reasonable enough for groups and individuals to purchase it in addition to other services as well. This serves to free up cash in the budget for additional training needs, equipment and supplies. The simplicity and intuitive web platform allows ease of use for all device and computer skill level individuals.

Our staff specializes in providing online EMS continuing education and firefighter online continuing education opportunities for members of the fire and EMS services. Courses are specifically structured to provide the necessary education to ensure members have the ability to maintain certification and excel in their respective fields. CSUtest.com recognizes that hands on experience must be blended with that of Online Continuing Education to ensure practical applications of skills across all levels of experience.

The growing trend in all phases of continual learning is based upon online training and use of distant learning or distributive education principles to further enhance individual potential. When lives and property are at the forefront, learning needs must be delivered in a way to encourage interaction and involvement. To this end CSUtest.com provides the means to teach, test and evaluate students in both an individual setting and a group environment. By providing individuals and departments the ability to use the same materials and maintain necessary credentials and certification, CSUtest.com can provide and promote readiness for all. Our background is grounded in the Fire Service and EMS professions. In addition to years of experience in both fields of endeavor, the instructors and managers work to ensure course content is accurate, up to date and written to be within the comprehension level of each individual participant.

We have provided millions of hours of continuing education to many thousands of individuals since 2004. The material within each course has been reviewed and accepted by National, State and individual professionals from both the Fire and EMS professions. All EMS courses are approved by our medical director as well as our program committee which includes providers and instructors of all levels. EMS online continuing education is CAPCE accredited as indicated.

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