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Ventricular Assist Devices class 11-29-18 11 am in the Virtual Classroom F5

27 November 2018
Ventricular Assist Devices class 11-29-18 11 am in the Virtual Classroom F5

This pneumatic pump rests on the outside of the body with inflow and outflow cannula connecting the pump to the circulatory system. Because this pump is outside the body it can be used in the
smaller patients that do not have enough room for an implantable pump. Adding to its versatility it can be used as an RVAD, LVAD or biVAD in instances of bridge to transplant, post cardiotomy and myocardial recovery. This actually describes a ventricular assist device. There are many brands of these devices and we will look at more in this class. 

This reminds me of when I was EMS Coordinator at my department many years ago as a Captain. I had never heard of a VAD. I received a call from a VAD coordinator to let me know there was a patient with a VAD in one of our response districts. I asked why they were telling me. They explained we needed to know. None of my department had ever been trained on VAD. It is rare you will encounter one, but when you do you need to have a general understanding of what a VAD is. Our VAD course will give you what you need. It will also count for your NREMT NCCP VAD requirement. 

We are teaching Ventricular Assist Device class in our virtual instructor led training CAPCE accredited F5 classroom on 11-29-18 at 11 am. For more information, visit out courses tab on our website. The Ventricular Assist Device class is also available in our distributive education CAPCE accredited F3 online EMS continuing education platform.

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