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New Website Feature - Online EMS Con Ed Courses in the Pipeline

25 December 2018
New Website Feature - Online EMS Con Ed Courses in the Pipeline

At CSUtest.com, we have modified our web site to give our visitors advanced notice of new courses in different stages of development. There is a process all EMS online continuing education goes through before it can be published as an actual online EMS con ed course. First, the concept needs to be determined based on many factors including customer need, community need, medical director request, etc. Once that is determined the course is written by an instructor and put in a power point outline format. The product is then sent to our graphics designer where a theme is created and images purchased to make the online CE course pleasing to the eye. Next, the course goes back to the appropriate level (paramedic, EMT, etc) instructor where specific scripts are written, or outlines are written for the instructor to follow when doing the lecture. Once the online EMS CE course is completed it is sent to our medical director for review. The medical director can mandate changes or additions to the course at that point. Once the medical director makes the final approval the course is ready to be recorded, published into streaming content, encrypted and uploaded to our servers. Tie in a quiz and we have the finished product. 

So you can see a great deal of work goes into the creation of online EMS continuing education. We at CSUtest.com pride ourselves with creating engaging, interesting presentations and offer them for a minimum cost. In order to see the courses in development, click on courses, choose the specific category you are interested in and scroll to the bottom. There you will see the courses in the pipeline and where they are in the process.

Thank you.

Jim Thomas, CEO


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