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Benefits of Online Continuing Education

24 April 2019
Benefits of Online Continuing Education

Online continuing education is here to stay. If anything, it will become more widespread and inclusive to all industries and vocations as we head out in time. Online con ed has evolved to very respectable platforms, excellent content and has become expected, not just "accepted". So, since we are going down the online road, what are some of the benefits we can take advantage of?

Well, there are many. First of all, its cheaper than ever with expanded competition and csutest.com is leading the charge to affordability. It is also something that can be done at a time and place of your choosing. You can be doing your mandatory CE on vacation, off duty, at midnight, during a period of insomnia, over coffee in the morning, while on duty, virtually any time you want and on any device. Never again miss out on your daughter's soccer game, or miss that family party because you have to attend a lecture or drill. Do your CE when you want to, not when you have to.

As for groups, chiefs and administrators? The answer is limitless. Always respond at full strength and that is a safety enhancement when no one is out to training. Your members can do their CE on duty and be ready to respond while doing so. It can save your department money back filling positions that are out for training or paying members to attend training on off duty days. Assign the courses so you know what the group is learning. You can verify compliance and prove competency of your members with records. You can create your own unique courses that only your group needs!

The bottom line here is that online continuing education is here to stay, and we are all going to rely on it more and more as time goes on. So let us embrace it and take advantage of it by joining csutest.com and start earning the CE you need for your next certification renewal.

Jim Thomas

CEO, CSUtest.com 

Battalion Chief, Cleveland, Ohio - (ret)

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