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Is Distance Learning the new normal?

24 April 2020
Is Distance Learning the new normal?

In my circles, I have seen hundreds of all types of CE classes cancelled. AHA classes, hospital lectures, initial training, symposiums and just about anything in between have been cancelled. Why? Because instructors do not want to be teaching in a closed environment, especially surrounded by EMS and fire personnel who routinely respond to EMS calls every day. Chiefs and agency heads do not want their members exposing each other while shoulder to shoulder in the classroom. These are harsh realities we live with, but that will end. Or will it?

Is it ever a good idea to be shoulder to shoulder in a classroom? Obviously we need skills assessments and that needs to be in person live training. But can we not practice social distancing and still get those assessments done? There is no reason to expose each other any time. There is the seasonal flu, colds and other contagious illnesses that we can be passing around. All of these result in loss of productivity, worker illness call ins etc. And there is always the chance of another invisible enemy, like SARS, MERS and coronavirus.

Can we not take what we have learned here and create a healthier society? Can we not take advantage of Distributive education platforms and increase our department's exposure to distance learning? Can we not get our EMS and fire personnel the continuing education that can be adaptable to online continuing education platforms? The answer is yes, absolutely.

What other benefits does online EMS and fire continuing education have over traditional classroom classes? There are many. One is tha ability of the members to train in the firehouse rather than travel to classes. There is reduced overtime, or at least response units do not have to run short because a member is at training. Having a way to assign courses and track compliance ensures accountability. There are many reasons.

The bottom line is this. More and more departments are going with online continuing education to supplement their own excellent training.It is a natural occurrence when we are asked to do so much with so little. At CSUtest.com our pricing is the lowest of the companies competing nationally. We do this as a mission and not with a sacrifice to the message or quality of the education. 

If you are using an online continuing education company now, you are more than likely paying too much. We can save you a significant amount of money if you switch. If you are not using an online CE platform because the cost was out of your reach, give us a call.

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