Continuing Education Courses for Fire Safety Inspectors

Inspecting buildings is a much different task than fighting fires. While fighting fires involves firefighters diving into disaster situations to quell the fire and rescue those affected by it, the fire safety inspectors’ work is to ensure the building is up to code and that any potential situations that could lead to a fire or life safety issue are addressed and resolved. This means those holding fire safety inspector certification must have a thorough knowledge of building and fire codes and flammable materials.

Here is a list of the online continuing education courses we provide for fire safety inspectors:

Course TitleCEUs
Building Construction & Occupancy Class2
Code Enforcement and Common Hazards1
Code Enforcement Procedures1
Common Hazards 1 - Egress and Doors2
Common Hazards 2 - Electrical2
Compressed Gases1
Electrical Components1
Explosives 1011
Fire Detection and Alarm System1
Fire Protection Codes and Testing of Sprinkler Systems1
Fire Protection Standpipe Systems1
Flammable and Combustible Materials1
HVAC Mechanical Systems1
Identification of Hazardous Materials1
Initial Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems1
Inspection Procedures1
Introduction to Fire and Life Safety1
Introduction to Plan Review2
Life Safety and Means of Egress Lighting1
Life Safety Digest Vol. 8 No. 23
Means of Egress / Site Access1
Occupancy and Life Safety1
Portable and Fixed Fire Protection Systems1
Principles of Combustion / Fire Growth1
Water Supply and Fire Protection Systems2

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