Department Registration also offers to groups of two or more members, department administrative tools which provide several administrative functions. Full access to our administrative tools carries a one-time fee of $175 for initial set up. There are never any other costs associated with administrative access.

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Administrator Functions

The tools we have developed provide a myriad of information and ability which allows our group customers to have complete control of their training. The features included are:

  • User activity and compliance reports
  • Custom category and test creation
  • Employee management

Reports Administrator Functions

First, the Reports tab administrative features. The reports we have developed provides the administrator lists of their members activities within the system. Administrators can monitor overall use, individual use, or compliance to assigned work. In addition, administrators can review “missed answers” for any particular test, which may indicate areas that need additional training.

Click here to see the tutorial on our reports administrator functions.

Test Creation Administrator Functions

Next, the Tests tab administrative features. Administrators can create custom categories and exams that display and function exactly as our educational content does. Educational content can be uploaded in pdf format (size limits apply), or via web link. Creating your own education in our system serves as a custom augmentation of your training. The custom exams created by administrators can also be assigned to the group through the tests tab as well.

Click here to see the tutorial on our test creation administrator functions.

Employees Administrator Functions

Lastly, the Employees tab administrative features. In the employees tab, administrators can enter new members and change existing member demographic information. Also, passwords and email addresses can be reset.

Click here to see the tutorial on our Employees administrator functions.

Administrative Advantages

  • Verified compliance
  • Review member test activity
  • Review missed answers
  • Create custom quiz categories
  • Create department custom courses and quizzes
  • Upload or link your department's educational materials
  • Your department domain is within CSUtest
  • Assign courses

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