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This simply means the entire time dedicated to the CE item has not yet elapsed. This is especially true with the written portions of a class. You may read faster then the average person. You may have printed off the article and only displayed it for a short time. The article must be viewed for the amount of time listed in the course overview page as the active window on your device in order for the time parameters to be satisfied. Review a little more and try again. Make sure to take notes.
CAPCE requires course records be submitted quarterly. We currently submit courses monthly. Providing you or your employer submitted your NREMT number to us during registration, you should see your course records at the beginning of the month following the month you completed the course in. In the meantime you have the fully acceptable completion certificate.

CE Acceptance

Depending on your state’s rules and requirements, all or some of our Fire CE can be accepted. In some states, like Ohio, if your chief accepts it, it is accepted. To see if our Fire CE is accepted in your state, or how it can be acceptable (chief approval), contact your state’s fire governing body. For states without firefighter CE requirements, any department can use the CE as part of its drill and training program. Fire training CE hours can be used to comply with or improve your department ISO rating.

The EMS CE are approved or accepted everywhere. In Ohio and Indiana this is by virtue of a contractual agreement with Ohio Approved CE Site #2462 For all other states, We are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Prehospital Continuing Education known as CAPCE for short and formerly known as CECBEMS. In general, CAPCE is accepted in all states and NREMT. Click here to view our CAPCE accreditation certificate. As rules frequently change without notice, it is always best to check. If you have acceptance questions please click on "contact us" and ask.

If the EMS CE is accepted in your state of licensure it is accepted by NREMT. Rules do change so we suggest you communicate with them if there is any doubt.

At our courses can be accessed by all level providers. We have a lead paramedic instructor and a lead EMT instructor co-writing our EMS courses and they are approved by our medical director. Whether you are a paramedic, advanced EMT, EMT or EMR we have courses you need for your re certification which are approved, accepted and accredited by CAPCE.
Yes. All of the online EMS continuing education courses taken in CAPCE accounts get reported to CAPCE. CAPCE in turn, reports the records to the National Registry almost immediately. 
New Jersey EMTs are an interesting issue. New Jersey requires a NJ "course number" for each course. is not currently set up to provide course numbers. We should be able to apply for course numbers in the future. In the mean time, EMTs in New Jersey can certainly keep up their NREMT certification using New Jersey Paramedics need approval from their employer so as long as they approve us, NJ paramedics can use us for their state recertification.


We do have a discount available for large groups. Contact us to determine if your agency qualifies.

Shut down your computer and then power it back up. Try another browser (i.e. use Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer). Try reloading the page - Hold the Ctrl key, and press F5. Delete your history and cookies to empty your browser cache. The keyboard shortcut to clear the cache for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer is the same. The keyboard shortcut is shift+Ctrl+delete (press all three keys at the same time). On entering the shortcut keys, a page or pop-up window will appear. Choose the options to delete the cache, cookies, and/or browser history.

If the presentation will not play, it may be due to our content looking for flash support. Our courses play on HTML5 format but if your system has adobe flash player in it, the browser may look there for it first. Since Adobe no longer supports Flash Player after December 31, 2020 and blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021, Adobe strongly recommends all users immediately uninstall Flash Player to help protect their systems.

If none of these options works, try to access the presentation on a different computer or device than the one you have tried (laptop etc).

For individuals, as soon as payment is confirmed by our servers you simply log in and access is virtually immediate. Please allow up to a few minutes for the servers to communicate payment information.

Yes. We offer live online EMS con ed courses that are accredited by CAPCE. Please see our courses tab, and click on EMS CAPCE F5. If you have specific needs or questions click on contact us.
The legal name for our company as registered in the state of Ohio is LLC. The "CSU" portion stands for "Certification Solutions Unlimited".

No. We do not collect or save your information so renewal is not automatic. 

When your account is 45 days from its expiration, there will be a renewal button displayed on your account once logged in. To renew, simply click that button, update any information requested and submit. You will be directed to the secure payment area.

Of course to reduce renewals, you can select a 2 or 3 year subscription.

The short answer is that you can not skip ahead. There are many reasons for that. Most importantly the slides need to be locked down by rule so you can not skip ahead or go back and review. Each course has an overview page that tells how long the presentation is. We suggest that you dedicate that amount of time to the course and take notes in order to get the most out of each course.


Some courses are listed and available in more than one category. An example is our course "Fire Command - 25 Common Terms". The words fire command are in the course title and therefore is available in our "Officer" category. It is also available in the firefighter category since knowing and understanding fire ground terminology is for everyone. In the officer category the course earns the student ISO T2 credit where in the officer category, they earn ISO T3 credit where applicable.

Log In

Usually this means you entered the information incorrectly. In the case of recovering a forgotten username you likely did not enter the email address used during your registration by either you or your department administrator. In the case of a password reset, an error message means you are entering your username incorrectly. You may have forgotten your username. Try to do a username recovery. If you use copy and paste to enter your information, it is possible to pick up an extra “space” which the system will recognize as a legitimate character. Be sure you are entering the information correctly.

If you have access issues not resolved after using all of the automated tools click on “contact us”, select the appropriate subject item and describe your issue.

To request a password reset, enter your username in the proper field and click on “forgot password”. A new password will be emailed to the email address that was supplied to us for your account by you or your group administrator. Be sure to check your junk/spam folders.

Forgot Password FAQ Answer

To recover a forgotten username, click on “forgot username” on the log in page. The server will ask for the email address we have for you in our system. The server will send your username to your email address. Be sure to check your junk/spam folders.

Forgot Username FAQ Answer image

No. Please do not register again. If your department purchased an account for you, the account exists. You can contact your administrator, or use the automated username recovery and password reset tools available on our log in screen(s). Remember, correspondence will be sent to the email address you were registered with. It may not be the email address you primarily use so check any email addresses associated with you and your agency. Also, please check your spam or junk folders. As a last resort you can contact us. Doing so may be the least desirable option as we may not get to your request until the next business day.

When you select a "state of certification" and a username on the registration webform, there is an ending to your username on the right side. What you select, and the text on the right make up your username. A unique ending for your username is necessary to make sure you get the online EMS continuing education categories and courses available for your state. It also provides access to the online firefighter and fire safety inspector continuing education available. You receive a registration confirmation email that has both the username you chase and the appropriate ending to the username. Please check your spam or junk folder. Please see below for an example of our webform.



You do not need to have a PayPal account to submit a payment. PayPal allows you to pay either with a PayPal account or as a guest with a credit or debit card.

If you have a PayPal account, these are some common issues:

  • If the credit card being used is attached to your PayPal account, or the PayPal account is associated with another authorized user (eg, a spouse), the attempt will be unsuccessful.
  • If the credit card you are using is in its month of expiration, it will likely also be denied.

In either of the cases listed above, choosing the option to pay as a guest and entering a different credit card should work.

If none of the above solutions works for your situation, you will need to contact PayPal directly to determine the issue with your payment process. Sometimes there is an issue with your account.

All you have to do is log in to your account with the username and password you just selected. There will be a payment link on your member home page once logged in.

Streaming Issues

First, please be sure your sound is working. Then, depending on your internet connection, there may be interruption in audio. There are sometimes split second interruptions in wifi that you can not detect. Also, if you are sharing a connection with other devices and - or individuals, this can also affect playback for some. If this very rare issue happens to you, just press pause, wait a few seconds and press play. The audio should resume.

Taking Exam

Yes, you can take an exam up to three times before being locked out for one year. The message that appears is designed to let you know there are three attempts maximum. If a summative exam attempt resulted in a failure, the educational materials should be reviewed again and appropriate notes taken.

This policy endeavors to insure program integrity and reduce the possibility of multiple exam attempts with less than adequate materials review. The policy is in compliance with our accrediting and approving entities.

three exam attempts maximum

Simply "x" off the window that the educational piece(s) were in and scroll down on the course overview page. You will see a link for "take exam". Simply click that link and exam and post course evaluation survey will reveal. See the image map below. 

image map for guidance on taking exam

There are some issues at play here. First, the entire streaming presentation needs to be viewed in its entirety before the exam will be accessible. If there are multiple educational links with time frames listed as mandatory pieces of the course, all the parameters must be met before the exam is available. In no case do you need to view a presentation a second time to access the exam. There are some server communication delays that can occur but if the exam is not accessible when all parameters have been satisfied, simply wait some time and try to access the exam again from the course overview page.

There is nothing wrong. Many of our courses contain written documents, charts and articles. These documents are mandatory viewing. Each one carries a time frame which is indicated on the course overview screen. You must display the documents one at a time as the active window on your device screen for the amount of time listed. You may indeed read faster than that, but the time parameter meets CAPCE written document standards.

Once you have appropriately accessed and displayed each piece, the exam will be available.

That is a fair question but it is not something we can do. The rules of our approval and accreditation are very strict on test security. We are not permitted to publish specific correct or incorrect answer information on an exam that is live in our system.
Depending on your connection, there may be interruption in audio. If this rare issue happens to you, just press pause, wait a few seconds and press play. The audio should resume.

Texas Jurisprudence

Yes, we do. We are Texas approved continuing education provider number 600788 and we do offer the Texas Jurisprudence examination. The cost is $14.99 and it is a stand-alone course. Once registered, students can access written materials and lectures to adequately prepare for the exam. After you complete the course work, you can access our online exam. Once the exam is passed, you will be able to immediately download and or print your completion certificate. To register and pay for the Texas Jurisprudence exam click here.
In the webform you used for registration, there is language that explains the TX Jurisprudence course registration is not automated. Your registration is completed by our staff 7 days per week during business hours. You will receive an email at the email address you used during registration. Please check your spam. If you still can not find your registration details email after 24 hours, please contact us.

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